Tanya Pike

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Based in Bournemouth, by day I run my own design company called Misty Design, providing a complete creative design service. I see the world in colours and shapes which helps with creating anything from logo and branding designs to photography, websites and digital advertising. I have also had the opportunity to produce some illustration work for decoupage kits, client Christmas cards and caricatures.

In my spare time I love to mix things up by drawing, playing the guitar and running anywhere off-road in prep for my next crazy event!

Having two big, beautiful German Shepherds makes me spend a great deal of time outdoors and that is where I love to be. This also helps so much with keeping my creativeness flowing! The great outdoors with Mother Nature’s wondrous gifts has always brought so much joy, excitement, peace and well-being, which is so very important these days, hence the theme of ‘The Woodies.’

If I can leave a small positive mark on this world with my characters and stories, I will have filled my sense of purpose…an u­­­ltimate life goal!



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