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S.Robichaud was born and raised in a small town in Maine, in the US. She was never an outdoors kind of child so she spent a lot of time reading and writing short stories throughout her childhood. As a huge fan of the Brothers Grimm and Harry Potter, she felt it was only right to try her hand at writing her own novel. Reading always brightened her day, and writing was no different. She greatly enjoys every journey that her writing has taken her on.

S.Robichaud currently still lives in a small town in Maine, but now she enjoys hiking, days in the lake and writing on the beach; when her two children are not begging her to jump off rocks in the middle of the lake with them. She has a son named Caleb, a daughter named Keiarra ( KK for short) and lives with her fiancé Nick. The family also have three dogs that they have adopted called Jada, Lando, and Zeke.