Paul Guy Hurrell

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I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in 1960 to a single parent family. I am the youngest of five siblings. I was brought up on a council estate and my family had very little, just like many other families on the estate at the time.

I attended two schools as I grew up – Bentley Lane infants/junior School and then Stainbeck High School. School was always hard for me, mainly because of my absenteeism. I wasn’t ill, it was just my mum didn’t send me (empty nest syndrome). Looking back at my school years, I think I probably spent more time at home than I did at school!

I officially left school in 1976 and my first full time job was making special mirrors, the ones you see in pubs. I didn’t last long there before I got bored.  I was forced to take a job back at Stainbeck High School repairing desks. While there I met my wife, Beverley.  We  have two wonderful grown-up children and three grandchildren.

I worked for Leeds City Council, in the Housing section for 22 years, before retiring. Since retiring I have the time to carry out one of my first loves, writing. My first children’s books is called What’s In My Fridge, published by Blossom Spring Publishing.