Maihri Patrick

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I’m a city girl who enjoys travelling and meeting people, and after spending several years living outside the UK, I came home to roost in Cambridgeshire. I live in a kooky little house that often has a mind of its own, the walls are wonky as are the doorframes and I sometimes wonder if it chose me instead of me choosing it.

My interest in writing began as a hobby, and after several years working as an administrator, I felt I needed a change. I was already contributing stories and illustrations to a children’s free story website, so I decided to try my hand at writing a book.

I like to create worlds that readers can escape to, magical worlds with mysterious creatures and quirky yet believable characters we can all identify with. I am greatly influenced by surroundings, and people, places and objects have played their part in the creativity process. My ever patient little dog has also played a part, with a twitch of a whisker or a profound look of boredom, he’s appeared somewhere in one of my stories.

I have ideas in the pipeline for the future, but when I’m not writing I enjoy walking, cooking, travelling and spending time with my family.