Moira Warr

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From a young age Moira Warr has always loved dabbling in writing. Born in New Zealand, she spent her first 8 years on a dairy farm before her family moved to an isolated sheep property where she enjoyed riding horses and creating stories about horses and witches for her best friend. Later, she attended boarding school where she remembers spending a lot of time looking out the window daydreaming and pining for home.

Moira then trained as a teacher in Auckland before travelling to Australia and working as a governess in outback New South Wales. Her next adventure involved teaching in the highlands of Papua New Guinea where she met her Australian husband, a Patrol Officer who worked for the Australian government. Moira taught children with very limited English and who had experienced little contact with the outside world. She was delighted to hear, many years later, from a student who had become a journalist and author of several books.

Moira and her husband eventually moved to Tasmania where she taught primary students and completed her B Ed degree. Now with three grown up children including a son who published a novel before she did, Moira has retired and enjoys many activities such as gardening, painting, U3A courses and writing stories for her grandchildren.