MJ Weatherall

Author pic MJW

I am a young author from Sheffield, I moved to the Lake District to get my degree in Outdoor Adventure and Environment BSc (Hons) and have been here ever since. I love climbing, kayaking and spending all my spare time in nature. I am a bookworm, always have been, always will be and I take pride in growing my book knowledge (an asset to any pub quiz team). I like to think that I am a fun person to be around, at least my cat seems to think so!

There are many aspects of my life that inspires me to write, sometimes it’s the way the bats dip over the moonlit lake on an evening stroll or it can be more serious, such as experiences that I’ve had that I can’t stop thinking about. I have found that these experiences always wriggle into my writing unexpectedly. My book “Silent is the Crown” is my debut novel and it’s my first experience of sharing the crazy stuff that goes on inside my head with the world.