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I live in a charming Northamptonshire village with my husband, our elderly cat and a few animals that we refer to as our ‘outdoor’ pets. We have hedgehogs and several young foxes who visit after dark… The vixen has a thick bushy tail due to her liking for dog food with extra vitamins! Our village is famous for having the oldest Saxon church in the country, a manufacturer of high quality shoes and of course, the shoe factory (now converted into flats) that prompted the film and musical, ‘Kinky Boots’.

Last year I self-published two children’s books and what had started out as ‘a bit of fun’, suddenly became a reality. Sadly, I am not computer literate so a contract with Blossom Spring Publishing seemed a natural progression – making my life easier – I was determined to carry on writing. Friends and family bought and enjoyed my children’s books and their support encouraged me to continue writing. ‘The Fortune Teller’s Handbook’ was written for ‘ladies of a certain age’, some of whom may be widowed or divorced. It is possible that they will meet and fall in love with the man of their dreams, but wealth, charisma and good looks can be misleading and are no guarantee of happiness. The book sends out a stark warning: ‘If a man seems too good to be true, then he probably is!’

I have found writing about love, betrayal and murder to be challenging at times but nevertheless exciting and a million miles away from writing an adventure story for children. I have started another book for adults and there are two more children’s books in the pipeline. My only regret? I wish I’d started writing years ago!