Jillian S. Brown

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Jillian S. Brown, I’m a hardworking and passionate author from Edinburgh. I was born in 1973, and brought up with a strong work ethic, which has served me well throughout my career.

I’m the youngest of three children and have always loved reading books. I enjoy a variety of genres, with John Grisham’s books being my personal favourite. My journey to becoming an author has been a long and varied one, having worked in several industries such as factories, financial sectors, and care. However, I have finally found my true calling in cat sitting.

I reside in Edinburgh with my husband and two cats. Apart from reading and writing, I enjoy baking, practising yoga, and spending time with my cats. I’m a massive cat lover and understand the importance of having pets in your life.

My diverse work experience has helped me develop a unique perspective, which is reflected in my writing. With my debut book on the horizon, the journey to becoming a published author is one that readers will not want to miss!