Jane Pentecost-Wild

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I was born in Harrogate in June 1958, and have lived in the north and south of England. I now live 50/50 between Castillo de Locubin in Spain, and Winchelsea in the UK, but can never decide where home is, so I might just settle on being nomadic!

I trained as a Registered Nurse in 1976, and have worked within the healthcare services for over 40 years. Choosing to be a nurse was probably one of the best decisions of my life, alongside having my five truly loving and  inspirational children. They are without doubt the apple of my eye, and always will be. With that many offspring the chances of grandchildren are high, and yes, I have seven, and counting.

My partner of twenty five years and I share many interests, music being one of them (he is a musician). We love travelling, and I am never happier than being behind the wheel of my campervan, the long road ahead, and no deadlines to meet. Joyful!

I have worked with, and looked after, a stadium full of interesting and incredible people, and that is from where I get my inspiration to write as well as from life experiences. I loved writing Wild Calm. My first book, I hope of many.