Ian Glossop

Ian Glossop Headshot

Ian Glossop grew up as the youngest of five children and studied Literature at The University of Essex, where he developed an interest in twentieth century American writers, particularly Jack Kerouac, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Raymond Chandler. His short stories and poetry have been published in UK anthologies and magazines.

Ian had a career in Local Government, mainly in South Yorkshire, before writing fiction in the mystery/thriller genre which seeks to entertain and shine a light on contemporary social and political issues. He was inspired to write by a love of language and the challenge of using it well to create memorable stories, characters, and places. If readers turn the page with interest until the end, and don’t feel the urge to check chapter lengths half way through, Ian thinks the author probably did a good job!

Favourite pastimes include visits to the coast, enjoying good food and wine with family and friends, as well as current affairs, arts, and sports programmes. His daughter Anna is a teacher in Malaysia, and his son Joe is a professional musician in London.  Ian lives in Sheffield with his wife, Virginia, and their border collie, Kel.

‘The Rocket Post’ is his first novel.