Holly Lawton

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Holly Lawton grew up in Northamptonshire, England. She was raised surrounded by books, enjoying getting lost in the pages of a new world. At a young age, Holly started writing. Her dream was to create her own fantasies and one day share them with the world. This has now been realised through her first novel, ‘Threads of Fate.’

Holly works as a teaching assistant, witnessing how every day a book can spark someone’s imagination. It was when she started this job that she began writing ‘Threads of Fate.’

When Holly is not writing, she enjoys drawing or watching a good show, snuggling up with a book or playing DnD with her friends.

Holly is currently working on not only the next book in the ‘Threads of Fate’ series, but two other stories. She hopes that one day the world she has created will be filled with many stories bringing what she imagined to life!

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TikTok: @Holly.R.Lawton