Hannah-Alison Cragg

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I’m a believer, dancer, writer, baker and artist, currently living in rural East Germany with my parents and four younger siblings. I grew up in a little coastal town in Lancashire, where I was introduced to the classics of literature at a young age. Ever since then, Jane Austen has been my firm favourite.

I have enjoyed creative writing since primary school and can still remember the look of incredulous surprise on my teacher’s face when I walked into the classroom at the age of ten with the full works of Jane Austen tucked under my arm, while the rest of my classmates were content to read ‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.’

Ever since I first read the classics, particularly those in the romance genre, I’ve been consistently inspired and intrigued by them. But many of the books I have read which were written in this day and age I have found to be sadly lacking in the qualities I love and admire so much in the classics, such as purity in relationships, the simple beauty of a close-knit family and community and of course the customs, language and etiquette of the era. And so, inspired by the quote ‘If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it’, I did just that.

My other passions, besides writing, include baking and cooking for my family, dancing, watching period dramas and sunsets, creating artwork inspired by the colours, nature and quotes I love, seeing the beauty in everything and everyone around me, and being kind.

I also firmly believe in the power of dreams, and having my book published is one of those dreams come true!