Gerry Cullen

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Before embarking on writing my first book BETWEEN WORLDS: MY TRUE COMA STORY, I worked in various business roles for 50 years.

It was in my last role that my writing career developed.

In the late eighties/early nineties I ran events for ITV TELETHON 90 and 92 with NEXUS and OASIS in Leeds. The highlight being having one of our events staged in the main arena at HAREWOOD HOUSE. Nexus awarded me Gold Card status for my achievements. There were only eight cards issued in the country. It was a prestigious award. My Events and shows were very entertaining and form part of my story.

After undergoing major open-heart surgery at LEEDS GENERAL INFIRMARY in March 2018, I received a “gift” out of my induced coma. So far, I have written 7 books and 75 tv series to date. I had never written books or for tv prior to being in a coma.

I have decided to tell my true story to the World. I hope that through my words you will come to know that exceptional things can happen after being in a coma.