Darren Walker

Darren Walker photo

In my time I’ve done many jobs that would fill up a rather long CV and prove that earning a living can be a dull but necessary evil.  These varied roles tended to be office based and one day I realised that there was more to life than staring at a computer screen. So, I decided to write and ended up spending even more time staring at a computer screen.

My Muse visited me when I wrote a joke article for a friend in North Carolina, informing him of the correct etiquette for an impending trip to Newcastle. He saw the funny side of it and liked what he read, sharing it with his friends. After that I wrote some more random articles but didn’t have an outlet for my wild scribblings until I badgered the owner of an arts website in Mississippi to read one of my comedy articles.  He then let me loose on an unsuspecting American public.

Unfortunately, the website closed, and I was left with creative urges, but no outlet so decided to try my hand at writing a novel and foisting that on the world.

Allowing my strange and surreal sense of humour to run riot, I began creating my own versions of Hell and Heaven.

Closing Shop is my first novel however, I have written four more books in the series and don’t plan to stop there.

When I’m not writing, which isn’t that often, I like to try and keep fit, but usually fail, I go to concerts and spend time with my family.