D J Peat

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David was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and lives in the North-East of England with his wife and stepchildren; his own children live nearby. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Northumbria University and a degree in Psychology.

He is a teacher who has worked as a Learning Mentor, Residential Child Care Officer, and Youth Worker. He is passionate about children’s rights and the opportunity for children to read. His love is writing and immerses into words during his spare time.

As a child, David did not have his head in a book. His interests were around sport, music and politics, and although the sporting prowess and attention to politics may have waned, he constantly listens to music. He creates a soundtrack connected to what he is writing to act as an inspiration. The tap of the keyboard is drowned by beating basslines!

David’s favourite authors are John Irving, Irvine Welsh, John Niven and Alex Wheatle, as they mix reality, crime and social conscience with humour, wit and mystery. He self-published his debut novel (Flaming Adolescent) in 2020 and Nessun Dorma is his first published novel through Blossom Spring Publishing.