D.J Hall

Darrell Hall author photo JPEG

Darrell James Hall was born in the UK and now lives in Australia, married with two children and four grandchildren. He resides in a small hamlet on the southeast coast of the Mornington Peninsula. Darrell was employed at the Herald and Weekly Times, a major Australian newspaper, for many years. Also, having been an artist during this time, he allowed his imagination to expand by proceeding to bizarre narratives, leading to many exhibitions over the years.

When covid hit, he decided to take another direction using his unique ideas. So Darrell chose to take up writing for no other reason other than he’d never done it before. And to his astonishment, like a tap being turned on, the narratives just poured out and still are. During this period, Darrell has had one published novel: The Third Last Communique, and has also illustrated several children’s books.