Claudia G.J. Moore

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Born in Mexico City, Claudia is a keen traveller and a passionate educator. She began her career in teaching soon after becoming a mother of two. She has a Degree in Business Administration and a Montessori Diploma in Early Years. She has been lucky to have taught in the USA and in the UK to early years children -from age three to teenagers in secondary school.

In the summer of 2015, while living in a charming old village house in Kent, her decade-long idea of writing children’s books started to take shape and the idea of stepping into someone or something else’s journey through life started to emerge.

As an educator, Claudia has always tried to push the boundaries of language and imagination by providing exciting, ambitious, sometimes daunting vocabulary and ideas to children – as she believes there’s no better age to do so. She hopes to tap into children’s wondrous creativity and provide a way for parents, teachers and carers to rocket children’s imaginations with the beautiful world of words, perspective, empathy and positivity.

Claudia has very recently embarked on yet another adventure teaching at a small pre-school setting in the Cayman Islands, where consistent heat, humidity, thunderstorms, stingrays, starfish, crystal clear waters, iguanas and ‘Cayman-Kind’ are part of daily life.