Claire Osborne


Claire Osborne has been writing fiction since she could hold a pen, writing stories set in the real world, but with a magical touch. With a strong penchant for the gothic and the macabre, Claire’s main love is writing short, snappy horror novels for pre-teens, tapping into the secret fears we carry with us into adulthood.

Living in Kent, England, with her husband and four daughters, Claire works as a marketing and advertising copywriter by day, and weaves dark and spooky tales by night, inspired by myths, legends, creepypasta – and real life.

In her spare time, Claire enjoys art, fashion and cinema, and also claims to be the world’s biggest Stranger Things fan. With a huge passion for the strange and unusual, Claire wants nothing more than to share her love of all things horror with younger audiences, and hopefully inspire them to pen some creepy and exciting tales of their own.