Carrie-Anne Browne

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Carrie-Anne Browne is 33 years old and is from Northern Ireland, she is the eldest of three siblings and lives with her fiancé Ryan.  Carrie-Anne has a degree in Business Studies and Marketing and is currently working in the public sector.

Since before she could walk or talk Carrie-Anne has been entranced by children’s books. One of her favourite childhood memories is sitting with her Nana being read the many different children’s books from the big book cabinet. The Elves and the Shoemaker was Carrie-Anne’s favourite book as a little girl, and she still treasures it to this day.

Carrie-Anne has always been creative with a big imagination and loves writing new story ideas for children in her spare time. She particularly loves reading to her three-year-old niece Cara-Rose and seeing the look of happiness and wonderment in her little eyes. Being able to read one of her own published stories to her niece is a dream come true for Carrie-Anne.

Carrie-Anne believes that we all still have that inner child within us at any age. Writing fictional children’s stories is her way of expressing that inner child, using her imagination as she did during her childhood. Carrie-Anne states that the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child  is truly wonderful!