Barbara Stevenson

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Barbara, known to most as Babs, is a retired veterinary surgeon from the West of Scotland, now living in Orkney with her three cats. The rich folklore of the islands and the sea all around provide inspiration for her writing.

In 2016 her debut novel, The Organist, a historical romance, was published by Yolk Publishing. She has had an anthology of short fantasy stories Where the Ocean Meets the Sky (2020) and a fantasy novel The Dalliances of Monsieur D’Haricot (2021) published by Luna Press Publishing.

Apart from writing, she enjoys reading, birdwatching and playing the piano, but her main passion is for organ music. As well as travelling to see and hear instruments, she has been learning to play since her retirement. Travels with an Organ to Perilous Lands combines her love of fantasy with her joy of organs and she is delighted at having the chance to see it published.

She has recently started a blog, The Quoyloo Quill, which is a platform for guest musicians, artist and writers from Orkney and beyond.