Ashley Hough

Ash author photo copy

A student of sport, I have in recent years found an unlikely calling in the field of creative writing. It has always been an ambition of mine to sit down and write with meaning and purpose but like so many I struggled to find the time. When lockdown hit, I found myself with much more time and the opportunity to explore a new world of my own creation, one that was full of the difficult themes I faced, living alone during the first lockdown.

‘The Maze’ is my first full story, though it has since woken a real drive within me and I have been constantly niggling away at several other ideas.

My background and passion in terms of reading is one of fantasy and sci-fi, dating back to the classics of ‘Dune’ and ‘Foundation’ that set the tone for the genre and moving on to the ever adapting world of fantasy. I find great pleasure in finding a book no one else is talking about, diving into the fascinating world that the author has created and finding the great undertones that lie within.