Alexei Von Delwig

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Alexei von Delwig hails from the ancient German noble family in Westphalia with a rich history of service in the Teutonic Order dating back to at least the 12th century. Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1959, Alexei von Delwig developed a lifelong fascination with diverse subjects. From his early years, he immersed himself in fairytales, adventure books (by authors such as Walter Scott, Mayne Reid, Fenimore Cooper, Jules Verne), science fiction (H. G. Wells), and the history of Ancient Rome. Simultaneously, he avidly delved into literature about vaccines and notable vaccinologists, including Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch.

Following graduation from Medical School, Alexei dedicated his entire career, spanning Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, the USA, and the UK, to medical immunological research. Initially focused on vaccines against meningococcus, he later contributed to the development of immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases. Beyond his scientific pursuits, he found joy in exploring the realms of Chinese and European philosophy, the histories of Ancient Rome and Greece, and classical literature.

Throughout his life, Alexei harboured a dream of writing adventure books and fairytales for children. This aspiration materialized after his retirement. “The Adventures of Circum Quadratum and Spartacus,” stands as the inaugural result of this endeavour, crafted to create a narrative that would have captivated his teenage self.