Abigail Kleboe


Abigail Kleboe is a Scottish author born on the Isle of Skye in 1980. She grew up as a bookworm, devouring books upon books, and wrote short stories and terrible poetry in her teenage years. After gaining a first-class degree in Classics, she decided she couldn’t bear time away from books and so she studied further to become a qualified librarian. She is currently an Information Specialist for the Royal College of Nursing Scotland and has been both a school librarian and academic librarian.

Abigail began writing again when pregnant with her first child and wanted to bring stories about animals and environmental issues alive for both her own children and others. She set a deadline to complete her first novel before she turned 40, no mean feat when looking after two children, two cats and her husband! She has a deep connection with nature and the Scottish landscape and culture, including Gaelic. She also loves stories about stumbling upon a secret world where magical things can happen. Her first novel for older children, The Golden Feather, combines all of these elements.

To find out more about the magical worlds Abigail creates, visit  www.abigailkleboe.com