Peter Townsend

PTownsend Author Photo

Peter Townsend was born in Sheffield and has a variety of interests, including travel, history and art. He now lives by the coast in the North East of England and regularly walks on the local beach or the cliff top path towards Staithes and Whitby.

For many years he has been fascinated by the history of photography, admiring the work of people such as Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, the celebrated Victorian photographer who was based in Whitby. He has also explored a much darker chapter in the history of photography, concerning ghost photography, usually referred to as spirit photography. Peter has written articles on this topic and also gave a lecture to the Scarborough Literature Festival focusing on the heyday of spirit photography from the 1880s to the 1930s, including its popularity after the First World War and famous advocates such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

All of this has inspired Peter to write his novel, Death in Sepia, set in the murky world of Victorian spirit photography. Aside from being a historical crime thriller, it’s also about one man’s struggle to resolve the age-old battle between science and superstition.