Linda Owen

head shot photo Linda Owen B.S.P. copy 2

Born in North Lincolnshire 1966, Linda Owen comes from a large Yorkshire family of seven children.  A nature lover by heart, Linda dabbles in poetry. She has entered a personal journey of self-help through holistic therapies and then became a practitioner, a Reiki lady and a natural born storyteller. Her writing has taken on many forms, ranging from different topics of books with the themes of wellbeing, spiritual, poetic and even humorous.

Linda is now working as a meditation teacher on the global website – Insight Timer, with lots of guided meditation stories and although originally for adults, now caters for children too. Her acquired knowledge through time and her age has brought more life wisdom to share.

With her background in holistic therapies, this enabled Linda to get her work (since 2020) out verbally, online and in audio style, benefiting others, covering a wide age group of people who are interested in the holistic approach of natural wellbeing of the mind and body through guided meditations. Then it occurred to Linda that it would be lovely to put all the children’s stories together in a book, to enjoy a new experience and become a useful tool to aid sleep time and wellbeing.

Her stories are tender, magical, all about promoting a positive mindset through a positive creative imagination, proving that sleep time may be wholesome, nurturing, and empowering.

More information can be found on Linda’s website.