Glenda K Clare

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Glenda K. Clare was raised on a farm in the middle of Nebraska and is very proud of her rural roots. Although no longer living in the countryside, Glenda still travels into the country to visit family.

In the late 1960s, her father did not believe in the need for women to attend college. Setting in several careers such as secretary and bookkeeper, Glenda wanted more. Encouraged by her husband, Steve, she began her road to education while raising two young children. Graduating in 1991 with teaching degrees in English and Speech Communications, Glenda also earned a Masters in AG Leadership, Curriculum, and Communication in 2010. For many years, she enjoyed teaching middle and high school students in English Composition, Creative Writing, and reading classes as well as the years of coaching Forensic Speech teams.

From an early age Glenda has loved reading. From age four, her grandmother read Black Beauty and other classics while Glenda sat on the arm of grandma’s rocking chair. Becoming an avid reader, she began reading Zane Grey books and Agatha Christie novels found on her grandmother’s shelves. Eventually, she read every book at her country school including the encyclopedia.

A life-long dream was to focus on her own writing. The covid pandemic gave Glenda that opportunity. With no outside distractions or obligations, she found herself in love with the art of creating characters and the musical sound of words.