Christine Immanuelle

Christine Photo copy

Christine lives in Australia, on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast where she runs a small natural therapies practice.  Her writing career began with a motivation book entitled The Diary of a Modern Day Sufi which she self-published under her previous name Christine Webster.  Although not successful in terms of sales, it had the desired effect of unblocking her passion for writing. Three motivational books followed in quick succession, and although none were published, they served a greater purpose on Christine’s own journey to self-recognition. With no formal training to speak of Christine likes to refer to herself as an ‘intuitive’ writer, going where the story takes her.  A little like life itself, she says!

The concept of a children’s book series began to formulate in her mind after writing a book on crystals. Combining the knowledge gained in her previous books, Christine set about creating a series of fictional stories centred around the adventures of a young American boy, and his family. It soon became a labour of love for Christine, with more stories continuing to present in her mind. When asked what inspires her to write, Christine’s answer is simple, to give a message of hope and encouragement to the world! And we can’t argue with that!

Christine has two children, both strong individuals in their own right, and five amazing grandchildren, all of whom she says continue to inspire her to do better!

At age 66, Christine insists that we are never too old, or indeed too young to make our dreams a reality.  All it takes is a little courage, a lot of determination, and the rest as they say, is history!