Bivi Ariel

Bivi Ariel lives in Spain and runs her own registered charity called Kittens In Distress, which helps blind, sick, injured and abandoned cats and kittens. Bivi writes books to do with cats to help children and their parents to care for animals, especially the small and sick.

“There is much animal cruelty in today’s world and many suffer unimaginable pain. They suffer in silence because they have no voice to express themselves. Let us be their voice. Only this way, together, we can make a difference. By opening our hearts and having respect for these innocent creatures, we will not only become better people, but we will also grow spiritually.”

Bivi’s first book A Naughty Little Angel has also been translated into Spanish. Bivi donates the money from the sales of her book to her charity Kitten’s In Distress.