Anne Wedgwood

Anne Wedgwood photo

Anne Wedgwood was born in London and has spent many years working in education. Having been dragged ‘up North’ by her husband, she is now proud to call the very wonderful market town of Beverley her home. When not busy with her ‘day job’ or with writing, Anne indulges in the homely delights of gardening and cooking, and she enjoys visits to the theatre and cinema as well as daily walks on the Westwood and as much travel as time allows. A proficient musician, Anne is fortunate to be married to a pianist, whose music she listens to throughout the day. Her life is often disrupted and enlivened by visits from their three grown-up children.

Anne read her first Agatha Christie at the age of eleven and has never looked back. Whilst she now enjoys a wide range of literature, crime has always been her first love. Her first written works were a series of musicals for primary aged children, including adaptations of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Prince and the Pauper’, but she has now moved on to less innocent themes. Anne is most strongly influenced by the work of authors such as Barbara Vine, where the protagonist is not necessarily ‘the law’, and she writes from this perspective in her ‘Twist in the Tale’ series.