Wings Of A Firebird


Joy, loss, and friends shape older adults’ lives in Wing of a Firebird: The Power of Relationships in our Later Years. You will be engaged as you travel with storytellers celebrating their social-political activism and personal renewal while experiencing health problems and financial woes. You will discover the power of connection in these stories of change in the family, personal development, and work-life.

In her timely new book, Delgado-Gaitan continues to awe readers with meaningful stories of life experience. This insightful and beautifully written book shows the worlds of seniors and caretakers side-by-side social science research. Wings of a Firebird comes to my hands as I become a caretaker myself. The power of this book speaks to everyone, presenting a critical life period in a humanizing and complex way. We hear the wisdom of the lives and relationships that sustain the aging processes and the urgency for essential socially just health and economic supports for seniors in the U.S.

María Teresa de la Piedra, Biliteracy and Biculturalism Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso

Through compelling stories, interviews, and qualitative research, Delgado Gaitan’s new book shows us the positive side of aging and the many ways that older people from diverse backgrounds find to make this stage of life full of meaning through important relationships.  She acknowledges the impact of race, sexism, and poverty on older adults making their positive journeys all the more remarkable.

Marty Lynch, Ph.D., MPA, CEO Emeritus, LifeLong Medical Care

 The beautifully interwoven voices of older adult storytellers reveal the oppressive factors in society. Equally dynamic are the resilient and creative relationships that unfold amidst the significant forces impacting their lives. A celebration of age throughout the book points to the bigger story in the country–aging.


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