A husband seeks atonement… Will Havers knew nothing about his estranged wife before they married, or that she was having him tailed that fateful Saturday. He’s racked with guilt and his life is unravelling – a secretive ex wife who blames him for the death of their little son and his failing newspaper business. Now his mother is missing, and things are about to get a whole lot worse. A wife seeks revenge… Eve always suspected Will was having an affair with a girl from his office. Now she’s seen the investigator’s photos of them together minutes before the accident she’s hell-bent on revenge. It’s payback time – theft, poisoning, murder even – there’s no limits, when you have nothing to lose. A private investigator seeks the truth… Ageing sleuth, Jack Sykes, is convinced that Eve is behind the poisoning at Will’s office party, the disappearance of Will’s mother, and the suicide of a young local man. He visits a remote Devonshire village in search of the true identity of Eve Havers. But will he be in time to save Will?

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