Down at Dan’s


Shaking her head in disbelief, Daisy stared at Hugo, face flattened against the grey, rubbered floor, his crumpled, unconscious figure framed with bloodied strokes and hand-prints, like some macabre Banksy mural.

London, midwinter, and a chance meeting in Dan O’ Donoghue’s throws together two complete strangers – Daisy, less-abled and over-cautious following an accident, and Hugo, charismatic, easy-going, but beset with guilt and personal grief (along with several past misdemeanours). Hardly a celestial pairing. But when Hugo suffers a brutal, life changing assault, they find themselves drawn inexorably toward each other.

An extraordinary relationship develops thereafter, taking them from the crowded revelry of the capital’s bars to the scenic magnificence of Howth Harbour and on to Hugo’s ancestral home, deep in the remote Irish countryside. It’s a journey that pitches and rolls with humour, tragedy, intimate moments and unexpected revelations.

Uplifting and casually philosophical, Down at Dan’s casts light on the fractured lives of two young people, exploring love, relationships and fate – the random, seemingly chaotic mechanism driving the events that shape our lives: a missed train, a sudden downpour, a chance meeting in a pub?

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