James Black, an apprentice photographer, couldn’t imagine life getting any worse after his employer dies and he loses his job… On the verge of destitution he reluctantly agrees to work for Hood, a ruthless charlatan. Not only is he required to fake spirit photographs, but he also gets drawn into his new employer’s shady, criminal world. His only solace from misery is Rachel, a determined reporter, who is in love with him. James is baffled when ominous, glowing images appear on the untouched photographic plates of young women. This quickly gives way to shock and disbelief when they are brutally murdered within days of having their portraits taken. Since he took photographs of all the victims, the police regard him as a prime murder suspect. He must clear his name, find the killer, and solve the mystery behind the photographic anomalies to restore his belief in science. Meanwhile, the murderer is in search of his next victim…Rachel.

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