Carlin, a scruffy, old, ginger cat, is homeless and finds shelter from the rain and cold in the bushes. For food, he scavenges through the rubbish bins, eating whatever he can find. It’s a hard life for this unloved cat, unlike the other cats with their posh collars and fluffy coats, hunting for pleasure and not because they are starving like Carlin is. They all have homes to go to with humans to care for them. But not Carlin, the humans find this stray cat to be nothing more than a nuisance and he is often chased out of their gardens and bullied by children who find it fun throwing stones at him.

One day, Carlin becomes very ill and it is Moira, a little girl with compassion for animals, who rescues him. The old cat is treated at the vets. And a surprise is in store for him as he discovers he now has a home and a family to call his very own. Carlin is so happy he can even purr again!

Carlin is a true story and is the second book in this series about rescue cats by Bivi Ariel. Another heart-warming story that shows us animals can feel pain, sadness, happiness and love.

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