Captain Hawkes


Whitby, 1911 – 1912.  

An epic tale of deceit, betrayal, love and a life long feud between two brothers, packed with drama to the very end!

James Hawkes, a captain in the Royal Navy, returns to his home town in North Yorkshire, after a long spell at sea. He had anticipated a joyful reunion with his sweetheart Victoria, but much has changed while he has been away. Victoria is engaged to his brother Robert, and worse news follows – she is carrying Robert’s baby. Now back in the thick of village life and all its problems, James finds love and support from an unlikely source.There is trouble at the local mill and, as this gripping tale unfolds with a thickening plot, a night of gambling turns into something far more serious when the stakes determine the fate of the mill and a fire breaks out causing havoc, threatening the lives and livelihoods of many. As the events of a fateful court case unravel, lives are turned upside down forever…

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